Case Study: Evaluation

“We engaged add specialists to undertake a comprehensive evaluation. It was clear from the outset that the remit was very well understood and I was impressed by the thoroughness of the research. There was close consultation at every step of the way and the final document was delivered on time and within budget.”


add specialists were commissioned by Sheffield Community Transport (SCT) to conduct a formative and summative evaluation of SYW2W – an ERDF funded scheme which provides scooters to individuals across South Yorkshire to enable them to access employment and training opportunities.

We benchmarked the scheme with peers across the United Kingdom; designed and delivered a bespoke telephone interview with 90 customers; conducted detailed financial analysis; and completed impact analysis covering economic, environmental and social factors. For example, we analysed how the age profile of customers had changed during the course of the recession, and identified the project’s market penetration across South Yorkshire.

An optimum process chart was created detailing how SYW2W could deliver a greater number of outputs by rationalising inefficient processes and placing some processes online. An interactive financial plan was created enabling SCT to examine how income streams could be increased by amending key pricing policies.

Finally, an operational improvement plan was created with detailed recommendations of how to maximise output performance within the existing budget and contractual constraints.

We have completed numerous other evaluations across the United Kingdom. Please contact us for further information.